AGI Summer Talks

Aleph Alpha, Heidelberg, Germany

July 26th 2023 @ 2pm
Are you ready to dive into the cutting-edge world of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)? Look no further! We are thrilled to present with Aleph Alpha the AGI Summer Talks, an event that will bring together the brightest minds in AI for an unforgettable experience.

Prepare to be captivated as we bring you three exclusive talks and riveting Q&A sessions with esteemed AI professors, including the renowned Matthias Bethge and Kristian Kersting. But that's not all! Brace yourselves for an awe-inspiring keynote address titled "Are Large Language Models the last invention we need to make?" delivered by none other than the influential AGI visionary Joscha Bach.

Whether you're an AI enthusiast, researcher, or just curious about the future of AGI, this event promises to be an extraordinary journey into the realm of artificial intelligence. Gain invaluable insights from the best in the field and discover the endless possibilities that AGI holds for humanity.

Event Info

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What? AGI Summer Talks
Who? Aleph Alpha, Heidelberg, Germany
When? July 26th 2023 @ 2pm - 7:30pm
Where? DAI Heidelberg - Deutsch - Amerikanisches Institut, Sofienstraße 12 69115 Heidelberg
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Registration Eventbrite