Stable Diffusion and Friends - Generative Modeling in Latent Space

Robin Rombach, LMU Munich

February 9th 2023 @ 4pm
Are you ready to see the future of Computer Vision? Latent Diffusion Models such as Stable Diffusion and OpenAIs DALL·E are revolutionizing the way we process images, achieving unprecedented visual fidelity without the need for excessive computational power. This technology is already being used in countless apps and has captured the attention of the AI community and beyond. We are excited to have Robin Rombach, the first author of this groundbreaking work which originated here in Heidelberg, speaking at the DKFZ. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn about cutting-edge Computer Vision.

Event Recording

To prime yourself for potential use cases of Stable Diffusion, visit the Stable Diffusion subreddit.
Fun Fact: the image in the preview was generated using Stable Diffusion.

Event Info

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After the event, there will be a social get-together with food and drinks courtesy of the Division of Medical Image Computing and Interactive Machine Learning Group at the DKFZ.

What? Stable Diffusion and Friends - Generative Modeling in Latent Space
Who? Robin Rombach, LMU Munich
When? February 9th 2023 @ 4pm
Where? DKFZ Communication Center (H1), Im Neuenheimer Feld 280
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Corona rules

We are happy to see that so many of you are interested in this event! To allow as many people as possible to attend it, the following rules apply:
Attendance requires proof of 3G corona status and wearing a FFP2 mask is mandatory throughout the whole event.