AI from Code to Clinic

Alan Karthikesalingam, Research Lead at Google Health UK

May 18th 2022 @ 4pm
We are excited to host Alan Karthikesalingam, who is the research lead at Google Health UK. Alan has worked on several large-scale studies with the goal of integrating Artificial Intelligence into the clinical workflow and has collected profound experience regarding the key challenges and the possible impact AI can provide. We are big admirers of his work, for instance diagnosis of retinal diseases based on OCT Retina Scans and breast cancer screenings with AI systems . Especially the focus on rigid evaluation throughout Alan’s work seems of great importance for the whole field of applied AI.


Alan will share lessons learned across Google on a range of projects about the nuances and requirements for success for AI to move from research settings to clinical impact.


Alan is a senior staff clinical research scientist in Google Health who leads the clinical team's translational research efforts, with a particular focus on bridging new ML developments and health-oriented research. He focuses on machine learning for medical imaging across multiple fields: radiology, ophthalmology and dermatology, with interests in AI safety, robustness and data-efficiency for realising real-world clinical impact. Alan is an honorary Lecturer in Vascular Surgery at Imperial College in London where he continues to see patients and supervise PhD students. He did his MA in Neuroscience and Medical Degree (MBBChir) at the University of Cambridge, followed by specialist training in surgery in the London Deanery, where he completed his Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons (MRCS), PhD in Vascular Surgery and was appointed as a NIHR Clinical Lecturer. In 2017 he joined DeepMind's health research team and in 2019 joined Google Health. He has published over 150 peer-reviewed articles, including first-author studies in the New England Journal of Medicine and The Lancet prior to DeepMind/Google, where he subsequently co-authored landmark papers in Nature and Nature Medicine on deep learning systems for mammography, ophthalmology and electronic health records.

Alan Karthikesalingam

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What? AI from Code to Clinic
Who? Alan Karthikesalingam, Research Lead at Google Health UK
When? May 18th 2022 @ 4pm
Where? Zoom
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