Official NeurIPS Meetups

by Freiburg AI and Heidelberg AI

December 7-10, 2021

Dear fellow AI enthusiasts,

We are excited to announce that we will again be hosting a series of 4 NeurIPS events together with Freiburg AI. Neurips is the largest AI conference worldwide and “Neurips Meetups” are described on the conference webpage as follows:

“The goal of NeurIPS meetups is to open up access to communities worldwide and to connect participants by geographic area and language. With this, we hope to support the growth of AI expertise around the world, including in underrepresented communities in tech, and to fuel innovation responsibly.”

What this means is that we get access to all conference content in real-time, from which we will select at least one talk per day to stream for you. For 4 days (Tuesday, 7. Dec to Friday, 10. Dec), we will host digital meetups starting at 19:00 every day. Afterwards, we will discuss the talks in a joint Q&A session.

The meetups will be hosted on Zoom:

We also want to point to the NeurIPS code of conduct.

Date Topic Speaker More information
Tuesday, 7.12.2021 from 19:00 Tutorial: "Machine Learning With Quantum Computers" Maria Schuld (Xanadu, Startup Toronto)
Juan Carrasquilla (Vector Institute for AI, Toronto)
The tutorial targets a broad audience, and no prior knowledge of physics is required.
Meetup Event on Tuesday
Wednesday, 8.12.2021 from 19:00 Keynote: "The Banality of Scale: A Theory on the Limits of Modeling Bias and Fairness Frameworks for Social Justice" Mary Gray (Senior Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research) Meetup Event on Wednesday
Thursday, 9.12.2021 from 19:00 Keynote: "How Duolingo Uses AI to Assess, Engage and Teach Better" Luis von Ahn (CEO of Duolingo) Meetup Event on Thursday
Friday, 10.12.2021 from 19:00 Keynote: The Collective Intelligence of Army Ants, and the Robots They Inspire Radhika Nagpal (Professor at Harvard) Meetup Event on Friday