Official NeurIPS Meetup 2020

by Freiburg AI and Heidelberg AI

December 7-11, 2020

Dear fellow AI enthusiasts,

We are excited to announce that we have been selected as one of the Official NeurIPS Meetups and we are organizing a series of 5 events jointly hosted by Freiburg AI and Heidelberg AI. Neurips is the largest AI conference worldwide and “Neurips Meetups” are described on the conference webpage as follows:

“The goal of NeurIPS meetups is to open up access to communities worldwide and to connect participants by geographic area and language. With this, we hope to support the growth of AI expertise around the world, including in underrepresented communities in tech, and to fuel innovation responsibly.”

What this means is that we get access to all conference content at real-time, from which we will select at least one talk per day to stream for you. For a complete week (Monday, 7. Dec to Friday, 11. Dec), we will host digital meetups starting at 19:00 every day. To encourage insightful after-stream discussions, domain experts will put the talks into perspective with their own research and they will answer questions after the talks. During the week, there will also be room for personal exchange in digital meet and greet events.

A detailed day-to-day schedule can be found on our meetup page.