Towards the Autonomous Supply Chain

Christian Scherrer
Principle Data Science Consultant, Blue Yonder

November 12, 2018

Michael Feindt was represented by Christian Scherrer as he was unfortunately prevented from speaking.


Blue Yonder stands for robust probabilistic machine learning and data driven decision optimization and automation, packaged into consumable scaling narrow-AI products for retailers running in the cloud, made in Germany and having developed from long and deep experience in High Energy Physics. To fully profit from these products requires a massive change in the culture of decision making in companies. After the recent acquisition by jda the Blue Yonder technology will be distributed worldwide and widened both the complete supply chain up to the manufacturer and down to the end-customer. The underlying moonshot vision is the autonomous supply chain, leading to a much improved efficiency, less waste and independent of human biases.

The talk will give an overview over the techniques applied, the history of the company, and some observations on the applicability of AI in industrial settings.

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